Λινγυα Θριος
Spoken in the Empire of Phœncalbas
User Amount about 95 millions
Language Family Indo-European
  • Italic
    • Trionous
      • Trios
Official status
Official language in the Empire of Phœncalbas
Regulated by Institute of Linguistics attached to the Phœncalbas' Academy of Social Sciences

Trios (Trios: Λινγυα Θριος ) is a concise, clear and syntactically unambiguous Italic language spoken in the Empire of Phœncalbas, written in the Greek alphabet. Many a Trios vocabulary is derived from Latin.


Alphabeta and Phonology

Letters Pronunciations Sounds
Αα αλπηα /a/
Ββ βετα /b/
Γγ γαμα /g/
Δδ δελτα /d/
Εε επσιλυν /ə/
Ηη ηιτα /h/
Θθ θιτα /th/
Ιι ιοτα /i//j/
Κκ καπα /k/
Λλ λαμδα /l/
Μμ μιυ /m/
Νν νιυ /n/
Οο ολικρυν /ɔ/
Ππ παι /p/
Ρρ ραυ /r/
Σσςß* σιγμα /s/
Ττ ταυ /t/
Υυ υπσιλυν /u/
Φφ φαι /f/
Ζζ ιυμικρυν /y/
Attention: σis used in the middle of word, ς is used in the end, and ß used as 'ΣΣ' and 'σς'.